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  • Organic Dried Tender Jackfruit

    A flavourful delicacy, our organic dried jackfruit pieces can be prepared in many ways. It is rich in nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre.

    Ingredients Organic Ternder Jackfruit
  • Jackfruit with Teriyaki Flavor

    Seasoned with spices and the dark-sweet-salty taste of Teriyaki sauce, this jackfruit flavour goes with a variety of dishes. Stew it, sauté it, use it as a pizza topping – anything goes!

    Ingredients salt, Spices and herbs, Tender Jackfruit, Teriyaki Paste
    Packing Pouch
    Net Weight 300 g, 2.5Kg
  • Jackfruit with Curry Flavor

    Traditional Sri Lankan spices compliment young jackfruit perfectly. Prepare this as a curry or stew and pair it with rice or flatbread – a perfect combo!

    Ingredients Tender Jackfruit, Curry Paste, spices, and herbs, salt
    Packing Pouch
    Net Weight 300 g, 2.5Kg
  • Jackfruit with BBQ Flavor

    Our BBQ seasoning pairs perfectly with young jackfruit, making it perfect for burgers, pizzas, and more!

    Ingredients Tender Jackfruit, BBQ paste, Spices and herbs, salt
    Packing Pouch
    Net Weight 300 g, 2.5Kg
  • Jackfruit NATURAL

    Natural young jackfruit pieces are a great source of protein and fibre for vegetarian dishes. The meaty texture and mild flavor of Young Jackfruit makes it an excellent meat substitute in numerous dishes. Put it on pizza or have it with rice, it is rich in flavour and nutrients and is healthier than meat.

  • Jackfruit Light Seasoned

    Unripe, young jackfruit pieces with a touch of savory seasoning for added flavor. Perfect for tacos, salads or even on pizza, our lightly seasoned jackfruit pieces are a delight.

    Ingredients Soy Sauce, Tender Jackfruit
    Packing Pouch
    Net Weight 300 g, 2.5Kg
  • Jackfruit in Brine

    Natural, young and firm jackfruit pieces in brine serves as a good meat substitute as it is rich in protein and has a meaty texture. It is perfect for curries, stews and burgers.

    Ingredients salt, Tender Jackfruit, Water
    Packing Can
    Net Weight 400g